About Research & Data Analysis 
RADA is a small company based in Leatherhead, 15 miles south of London, England.

We are a specialist company offering data processing services to the market research industry, marketing departments and marketeers.

We process data collected in quantitative surveys to tabulation stage, then hand the analysed data back to you, to report on.

We specialise in the following industries:
Sports sponsorship
Banking and financial
Customer service
Customer satisfaction
Travel and tourism
Media and telecommunications
Food and drink

We have particular expertise in:
Multi-country projects
Handling different data formats from overseas

We do not release details of our client list. However we work for 60 different clients and our biggest client accounts for only 15% of our turnover.

To discuss our performance with one of our clients, please e-mail us for contact details. 

Research & Data Analysis was formed as a partnership between Cally Marshall and Kevin Topson in 1995. Cally and Kevin met in 1990, when Cally joined Kevin's team at a data processing bureau. They worked together for 5 years, then left to set up their own business together. The company was conceived as a suggestion by a client. He found the management structure of the bureau difficult to navigate and their pricing policy expensive. As a good business man, he knew that he could get the same service directly from us, cut the overheads and increase his profit margin. He cunningly disguised his suggestion as an increase in our own profit margins too. He wasn't wrong! We have been trading successfully ever since! 

Policies and Procedures 

Research & Data Analysis - Policies 

We have three company policies: We like to make work fun. We only work for people we like. We prefer to be paid on time, in an ideal world! 

FAQ No 1 

Are we married? 


FAQ No 2 

To each other? 

No! (Honestly, this is our most frequently-asked question!) 

Electronic Output 

Can we receive our tables by e-mail? 

Yes and no! It's unlikely you have a copy of QPS CL on your PC, to use with the tables. That's the software that the tables are written in. However there are two ways around this: 
Excel - we can output your tables to excel format. They can be received with raw figures or percentages or both. This is a useful facility when charting your data as you don't have to re-input the figures and risk human error. 
Mini version of QPS - we are licenced to send out mini versions of QPS for use with tables, for extra analysis and viewing and printing tables. Please contact us for further information. 


What software do you use? 

We use QPS CL which is dedicated market research tabulations software, developed by QPS MR Ltd in the UK. It outputs data to various formats used worldwide and accepts data from various formats too. It's default data type is card-image column binary data, which is not used extensively outside the UK. For international projects we recommend using ASCII as it is the most commonly used format, world wide. 


How long does it take to process data? 

How long is a piece of string? It will take as long as it takes. These are some of the suggestions to speed up the process:

Book in your project 
Get your project quoted in advance 
Ensure we have sight of the questionnaire in advance to set up the analysis programme 
Ensure we have some idea of the sort of analysis you require in advance 
Provide full contact and invoicing details when booking in project. 
You may notice all these suggestions are communication-related. This is generally where we experience most problems! 


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